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American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, Subcommittee onTransportation Communications 
Best Website with Consultant, 2012

American Roads & Transportation Builder Association
P3 Project of the Year, 2012

American Society of Civil Engineers, San Francisco Section
Geotechnical Project of the Year Award, 2011

American Society of Civil Engineers, San Francisco Section
Outstanding Geotechnical Project, 2011

American Society of Civil Engineers, San Francisco Section
Historical Renovation Project of the Year Award for restoration of the National Cemetery fence and Building 669, 2014

American Society of Civil Engineers, San Francisco Section
Outstanding Structural Engineering Project of the Year Award, 2015

California Transportation Foundation
Public Outreach Program of the Year for Presidio Parkway Construction Communications, 2011

California Transportation Foundation
Structure Project of the Year for Presidio Parkway Southbound Battery Tunnel and Temporary Bypass, 2011

California Transportation Foundation
Interchange Project of the Year for Contract 3, 2012

California Transportation Foundation
Project of the Year, 2015

Engineering News Report California
Best Transportation Project, 2012 - Doyle Drive Contract 3, C.C. Myers Inc.

Green California Leadership Award
Transportation, 2012 - Presidio Parkway Plant Collection and Salvage Project

Greenroads Certification
Bronze Rating for Phase I Structures, 2015

National Council for Public-Private Partnership (NCPPP)
Infrastructure Project Award, 2016

PB World
Project of the Year (internal award), 2012

Project Finance Americas
P3 Deal of the Year, 2012

Project Finance International
Americas P3 Deal of the Year, 2012

Roads and Bridges Magazine
Top Ten Bridges, 2011 - Presidio Parkway High Viaduct, Fourth place

Roads and Bridges Magazine
Top Ten Roadways, 2012 - Doyle Drive Battery Tunnel and Temporary Bypass, Fifth place

San Francisco Business Times
Infrastructure or Public-Private Partnership of the Year, 2012

The City and County of San Francisco
Certificate of Honor, 2013

Women’s Transportation Seminar
Innovative Transportation Solutions Award, 2012

Women’s Transportation Seminar International
Innovative Transportation Solutions, 2012

Project Kudos

This entire week, traffic has been almost non-existent, at least around 8 am, and I noticed yesterday that the traffic light coming off the Parkway into the Presidio changed MUCH faster to keep traffic flowing off the Parkway.

On behalf of thousands of commuters, THANK YOU so very much!!  I would gladly buy you a shot, dinner and beer. Happy days have returned!!

Thank you again!!

My tire blew on the way across the GG bridge on Tuesday, July 31, shortly after 8 am. I quickly got into the right lane and took the exit toward 19th Avenue. I pulled over at the first shoulder I could find (not a great place to stop) because I was driving on the rims. It was not a great place to pull over but I had no choice.

While I was on my phone to AAA, your road service personnel came to my rescue. They were so helpful and kind. I was very impressed that they had seen my tire blow on the cameras and had come to find me. Really??? How great. They were thoughtful about getting me out of my vehicle and away from fast-moving traffic. I was so taken by the way they looked out for my safety and made me feel cared for.

Though, clearly not their job, they agree to change my tire so that I did not have to wait 90 minutes for AAA. They were happy to. I was so grateful for their kindness and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. I am a single, middle-aged woman in a crazy world and I am so appreciative of the great service provided.

They are nice men - good people. They have a good work ethic. They are positive caring people and I want to give them a major shout out. Most people probably don't take the time to say “thank you” and I have no doubt these boys do good deeds on a daily basis.

Way to go. You guys made my day. Thank you so much.

I left Fort Mason last Sunday, August 5th, heading back to the Bridge to go home; my car was making a strange noise, so on the approach, I pulled in front of a small apparatus with a sign, surrounded by orange cones. I felt safe from being hit from behind as all of that was right behind me.

I carefully got out of my old Prius, with cars, busses etc whizzing by and found that my right front tire was flat, so I called AAA. They put me on priority and said it would be less than an hour that they would arrive to take care of the situation.

In the meantime, a big tow truck pulled over in front of me, and the nicest man came to me to find out if I was okay and he would help if possible, and he did! In very short order, he checked my spare, filled it up, and replaced the slashed tire. He assured me the spare was good, but that I shouldn't go more than 55 or 60 in order to be safe. He said I could call AAA and cancel and thus not use one of my allowed assistances.

I just want to thank him for his kindness, his explanations and his expertise in taking care of me. Cheers to employees like him.


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