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Construction FAQs


Why was the construction schedule accelerated?

Construction of the Presidio Parkway was accelerated by more than a year in order to:

  • Replace the deficient facility sooner to transfer cars off the existing roadway and onto the new facility
  • Start and end construction quickly to reduce the duration of construction impacts
  • Reduce escalation costs, therefore reducing the overall project cost
  • Qualify for Federal Stimulus money to close the funding gap
  • Take advantage of favorable market conditions to reduce the overall project cost
  • Help create jobs to support the local and regional economy

What is the construction schedule?

Preconstruction activities began in summer 2009 and included native plant and seed gathering, tree removal and utility relocation. Major construction began in December 2009 and is expected to be complete in 2014. Landscaping will commence upon completion of major construction.

View the construction schedule.

What are the hours of construction?

  • 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. (Mon.-Fri.)
  • 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (Sat.)
  • Occasional Sunday work
  • Night work as needed
  • Potential extended hours to expedite construction, as needed

Why are no soundwalls planned along the project corridor during construction?

The project team studied noise barriers near residences along Storey Avenue, Armistead Road, Officer Family Housing and Lyon Street, and published its findings in the FEIS/R. The study concluded that a noise barrier at all but one location was infeasible according to Caltrans protocol. A soundwall would be feasible at Armistead Road, but it was determined such a soundwall would be inconsistent with the natural and cultural landscape and its benefits would not outweigh its negative effects.

What will happen to the Pet Cemetery during construction?

The Pet Cemetery was designated an environmentally sensitive area and will be fenced off and protected during construction. The Swords to Plowshares organization has initiated a volunteer program to maintain the cemetery in partnership with the Presidio Trust.

Native Seed and Plant Collection and Tree Removal

Why is tree removal necessary?

The area surrounding the construction site had to be carefully cleared of trees to create space for construction equipment and materials. Although there is a visual impact as a result of the tree removal, an extensive landscaping effort is a critical part of the project design. The project's Tree Removal and Protection Plan was carefully developed in collaboration with experts and the Presidio Trust to remove only the trees necessary and protect the surrounding area. Furthermore, the eventual replacement of existing trees with young, healthy and more diverse trees will help improve this man-made forest in the long term.

View the tree removal and protection plan fact sheet.

What is the plan for replanting and landscaping after construction is complete?

Native plants and seeds were collected prior to tree removal and construction. Those plants and seeds are being grown in the Presidio Nursery and will be reused in the post-construction landscaping plan and wetlands mitigation.

View photos of the native plant and seed collection.

Traffic During Construction

What are the major traffic phases during construction?

PHASE I : Late 2009-2011

  • Traffic on existing roadway
  • Construction adjacent to existing roadway

Extended Weekend Closure of Doyle Drive #1: 2011

  • Purpose: To transfer traffic onto the temporary detour

PHASE II : 2011-2014

  • Traffic on new roadway and temporary detour
  • Construction of new roadway and deconstruction of existing Doyle Drive

Extended Weekend Closure of Doyle Drive #2: 2014

  • Purpose: To transfer traffic onto the final roadway


  • Traffic on final roadway
  • Construction complete

View a video of the major traffic phases during construction.

How will traffic flow during construction?

During Phase I (late 2009 through late 2011), traffic will remain on the existing roadway and construction will occur adjacent to the facility. There will be an extended weekend closure of Doyle Drive in 2011 to transfer traffic onto a temporary detour. During Phase II (late 2011 into 2014), vehicles will travel on the temporary detour until construction is complete and traffic can be transferred to the final roadway. A second round of weekend closures will be required during this phase to transfer traffic from the temporary detour onto the final roadway. During these extended weekend closures, the connection from the Golden Gate Bridge to Highway 1/Park Presidio will remain open.

Will there be any impacts to Marin commuters?

Traffic to and from the Golden Gate Bridge and 19th Ave/Hwy 1 will remain flowing throughout construction. This corridor is a construction zone with continually changing conditions, so delays may occur. However, the connections between 19th Ave and the Golden Gate Bridge will remain open.

Temporary ramp and lane closures will be required due to construction. These closures are generally scheduled to occur overnight, and advance notice will be provided.

What are the primary ramp closures during construction?

The following ramps will be closed during the described time frames during construction:
  • Northbound Park Presidio Blvd to Southbound Doyle Drive (February 17, 2010-2011)
  • Northbound Doyle Drive to Southbound Park Presidio Blvd (January 10, 2010-2014)
These ramps primarily serve vehicle trips within San Francisco and their closure is not expected to impact traffic coming from or going to the Golden Gate Bridge. Trips between Marin County and San Francisco and through to San Mateo County will continue to move unimpeded by the closure of these two ramps.
Although the ramp closures will divert traffic onto other streets, there are a variety of alternate routes. It is not anticipated that traffic volume on any one local street will be as high as it was on the ramps. Studies show that these alternate streets are capable of accommodating small increases in traffic. The signed detour will direct drivers to use Geary Boulevard/Van Ness Avenue/Lombard Street. Drivers who miss the traffic signage and end up at a closed ramp will be directed to use the "last chance detour": the Merchant Road off-ramp to Lincoln Boulevard and then back onto Doyle Drive via the Merchant Road on-ramp.

Which local roads will be closed during construction?

  • Lincoln Boulevard between McDowell Avenue and Montgomery Street (June 2, 2010-late 2011) 
  • Halleck Street (late 2011-2014)
  • Marshall Street (Permanently beginning late 2011)
  • Slip Ramp (Permanently beginning late 2011)

View a map of the long-term local road closures.

What part of Lincoln Boulevard will be closed?

Lincoln Boulevard will be closed between McDowell Avenue and Montgomery Street for approximately 18-24 months in order to construct the southbound Battery Tunnel.

Will there be any closures of Doyle Drive during construction?

There are two planned extended weekend closures, one in 2011 and one in 2014. The first weekend closure in late 2011 will be to switch traffic onto the temporary detour. The second weekend closure in 2014 will be to transfer traffic onto the final roadway.

View the interactive construction map.


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