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CPM Logistics LLC

CPM Logistics, LLC is a woman-owned General Contracting and Construction Consulting U/DBE firm. They were brought in to assist with soils management processes, landscape design and to address the project’s small business and minority goals’ requirements.

Abbigail Brown, CPM Logistics President

With any large-scale project that has many moving parts, CPM faced challenges with communication and information flow, addressing systems issues and bringing teams together that function well. Rather than seeing this as an obstacle, they embraced the challenge and persevered through establishing communication protocols, utilizing organizational tools and building relationships with all project stakeholders - small and minority companies, internal teams, FKJV, Caltrans and the Presidio Trust. The result was they met and exceeded the project’s small business and minority commitments; and the landscape team functions efficiently and has complied with required project deliverables.

CPM will leave the Presidio Parkway Project with a better understanding of the impact of effective communication and organizational skills. Each program’s success is directly proportionate to how well the team’s expectations are managed and the level of communication offered.

It is a pleasure working with Abbigail at CPM. Their ability to step into a complicated project, quickly adapting to the specific demands of each task as well as their outstanding communication skills has made all the difference for us. The tasks varied from assisting our engineers with putting together complicated work management plans, providing project management for our landscape design process and with setting up and administering our minority outreach program. Success in our business depends on executing these types of tasks. Working with CPM gives us reassurance in knowing we have a team that can handle a variety tasks, routinely goes above and beyond to ensure that the end product is complete and on time.

– Frank Daams, Flatiron VP Operations

Merrill Morris Partners

Kari Tsubota, MMP Landscape Architect (left), and John Potis, MMP Landscape Architect (right)

Merrill Morris Partners (MMP) is a San Francisco based, U/D/WBE, full-service Landscape Architecture firm. They are honored to have the unique experience of contributing to the landscape design and implementation of the Presidio Parkway, an extraordinary highway-tunneling project re-envisioned as a World Class urban open space. The project design artfully integrates acres of new useable open space and landscape improvements within the Presidio’s historic and natural environment. MMP has collaborated with the P3 team, Caltrans and the Presidio Trust to maintain a contextual landscape sensitive to the historic site and treasure of the National Park Service, while preserving opportunities for the Presidio’s ongoing growth and expansion. The plan advances many of the parks program elements, including native plantings and natural areas, the trail network, access for new interpretive sites, historic features and opening up of vista point overlooks.

Cadre Services

Cadre Services is a woman-owned U/DBE firm that provides drafting and administrative services for heavy civil and transportation projects. At the Presidio Parkway Project, Cadre Services provided invaluable administrative and technical support in both the landscaping portion of the contract, by generating TOPO from survey information, and by reviewing and compiling RFI’s and Field Design Changes for the project’s required As-Built incorporation.

It is a pleasure working with Sharon and Al at Cadre Services. Their ability to adapt to the specific demands of each task as well as their outstanding attention to detail has made all the difference for us. Success in this business hinges on the details. That is why working with Cadre gives us reassurance in knowing we have a team that routinely goes above and beyond to ensure that the end product is accurate and complete.

– Sereno Brown, Flatiron Senior Design-Build Manager

Brown 3 Plumbing

Omar Raza, Flatiron Superintendent (left) and William Brown, Brown 3 Plumbing President (right)

Brown 3 Plumbing is a DBE plumbing contractor that received glowing accolades from FKJV for their work on the Presidio Parkway Project. William Brown, President of Brown 3 Plumbing, and Omar Raza, Flatiron Superintendent, had exceptional and effective communication which resulted in fair market value pricing and additional contract work.

It was a great experience and a pleasure working with William while performing sewer system operation behind Gorgas warehouses. I appreciate Brown 3 plumbing’s attitude and compliance towards our safety, compliance and production procedures. They performed the scope of work per contract, and the owners and FKJV were completely satisfied with the results. FKJV will welcome the opportunity to work with Brown 3 plumbing in the near future.

– Omar Raza, Flatiron Superintendent
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