Small Business Opportunities

Program Overview

The goal of the Doyle Drive Replacement Project's Disadvantaged and Small Business Enterprise Participation Program is to increase DBE/UDBE/SBE and DVBE participation in the construction contracts. Our goal is to meet and/or exceed the participation goals set for each of the respective contracts.

The Small Business Participation Program has developed a multi-phase program which addresses the unique needs of each of the contracts.

Step 1
We actively communicate contracting opportunities to potential prime contractors and DBE/UDBE/SBE/DVBE contractors throughout the competitive bidding process and ensure that all interested parties have access to information for potential teaming opportunities.

Step 2
Once the contract is awarded, the Participation Program works with Prime Contractors and their subcontractors to identify additional subcontracting opportunities and connect resources throughout the lifetime of the contract. We maintain an extensive database of certified DBE/UDBE/SBE/DVBE firms and work with business organizations and key stakeholders throughout the San Francisco, Bay Area, and California workforce development community.

Step 3
Throughout the lifetime of the project, the Participation Program provides ongoing monitoring, tracking, and reporting to ensure that the commitments made to DBE/UDBE/SBE/DVBE firms are being met.

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