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Sustainable Design

With an eye to the future, the Doyle Drive replacement project is striving to meet high standards for environmental stewardship beyond regulatory requirements.

A sustainability program for the project was developed to incorporate sustainability principles throughout the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the Presidio Parkway.

A series of public workshops on sustainability were held in 2007 to start the project’s sustainability program. After these, the team developed a vision statement, guiding principles, sustainability goals and a list of potential sustainability strategies for the project in the areas of water, energy, habitat, landscape, community, and materials and waste.

For more information about this phase of the sustainability program, read the PDF File Sustainability Program Report (1.3 MB).

The sustainability program conducted an analysis to assess the current sustainability performance of the project, including measures currently being undertaken, and priority areas for further analysis.

The findings from the analysis provide a focus for the remainder of the sustainability program. A number of high priority areas were identified for further consideration, including energy and carbon, materials and waste, and management. An Outline Implementation Plan was developed to identify key activities, responsibilities, a timeline and estimated resources involved in taking the high priority strategies forward.

PDF File Click here for more details about the program’s analysis and its findings (2 MB).


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