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June 12, 2015
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Doyle Drive Closure Rescheduled for July 9 - 13

SAN FRANCISCO - The Doyle Drive extended weekend closure has been rescheduled for July 9 - 13, from 10 p.m. Thursday night to 5 a.m. Monday morning. The closure is rescheduled to the second weekend of July to avoid the 4th of July holiday weekend and give the public advance notice. The closure was postponed to ensure the fire-life-safety systems in the new tunnels were functioning correctly. Key elements of tunnel testing and emergency drills were completed this week.

"Testing of the tunnel systems during the past two weeks has been very successful. Our team was able to identify and resolve system integration issues and the drills have allowed San Francisco Fire Department and emergency service providers to become familiar with the fire-life-safety systems of the new tunnels. We are looking forward to opening the new roadway to the public on July 13," stated Peter van der Waart, CEO of Golden Link Concessionaire.

Once the roadway is opened, motorists will be driving on the new Doyle Drive! The roadway that links the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco will be completely replaced by a new state-of the-art roadway. The closure will allow crews to finalize roadway connections and transfer traffic to the new permanent roadway, including the new Main Post Tunnels, northbound Battery Tunnel, northbound High Viaduct and restored connections to Highway 1/Park Presidio.

During the weekend closure, motorists are asked to avoid the project area, use alternate modes of transportation or travel by alternate routes, including the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge and the Richmond - San Rafael Bridge. Expect major delays on the Golden Gate Bridge, especially on Friday during peak commute times.

Moving traffic onto the new roadway marks a major milestone for this critical regional project. The first phase of the project included construction of the Ruckman Bridge on Highway 1, the southbound High Viaduct, the first of four new tunnels and a temporary bypass. Phase II of construction has included the northbound High Viaduct and connections between Highways 1 and 101, the three remaining tunnels and a series of low viaducts with new connections to the Presidio and the Marina.

Much work remains after traffic is shifted to the new roadway. Construction activity will continue into mid- to late 2016 and will include removing the temporary bypass, reconstructing Halleck Street, replacing historic buildings, covering the tunnels and installing landscaping.

Weekend Activity Details

Work will occur 24/7 during the 79-hour weekend closure. Major activities will include:

  • Demolition of sections of the temporary bypass between the Battery Tunnels and Main Post Tunnels in order to finish the steel-reinforced concrete pavement in the footprint of the bypass.
  • Build-up of the roadway elevation at Richardson Avenue in order to complete the new connection to Doyle Drive.
  • Completion of the new connection to the Presidio and Marina Boulevard.
  • Moderate work on Highway 101 near the Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza.

Materials to complete this work will be stockpiled on site, and a temporary concrete batch plant will be running, but some materials must be delivered via truck throughout the weekend. Drivers are encouraged to avoid the area to prevent delays to material deliveries.

Follow construction progress throughout the weekend via Twitter @PresidioParkway.

Detour Information

During the closure, motorists are asked to avoid the area and travel by alternate routes or modes of transportation.

Vehicles: Northbound traffic should use I-80/San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge to I-580/Richmond - San Rafael Bridge. Southbound traffic should use I-580 to I-80 to I-280 towards the San Francisco Peninsula. Highway 1/Park Presidio Boulevard to and from the Golden Gate Bridge will remain open; however, motorists are asked to avoid this route as it will be heavily congested, especially during Friday commute times. 

Driving Condition after the Closure

After the weekend closure, northbound and southbound Highway 101 traffic will be separated by a wide median. The new roadway will have wider lanes and safety shoulders.

All connections between Highway 101 and Highway 1 will be open. 

There will be a new exit to Girard Road to access the Presidio and Marina Boulevard.

The new Girard Road in the Presidio will also provide a pedestrian and bicycle route from the Main Post to the waterfront, and will allow new vehicle access to the Presidio from southbound Highway 101.



Doyle Drive Closure Rescheduled for July 9 - 13
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