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May 21, 2015
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Doyle Drive Weekend Closure Postponed

SAN FRANCISCO -- The extended weekend closure of Doyle Drive, previously scheduled for May 28 at 10:00 p.m. - June 1 at 5:00 a.m., has been postponed to complete all testing and software integration of the tunnel fire-life-safety, traffic and communications systems. These systems work in concert and include ventilation, heat detection monitors and a state-of-the-art water deluge system for fire protection. A new closure date will be announced when system software integration and testing is finished and certified by the State Fire Marshal.

"The project team is working closely with the State Fire Marshal to follow required testing protocol and secure approval to open the roadway. The tunnels cannot be opened to traffic before it has been demonstrated that the systems work as they were designed and are properly integrated," said Ron Richardson, Chief Engineer with Golden Link Concessionaire.

The tunnel safety systems are monitored by staff in the 24-hour Operations and Maintenance Center (OMC), located near the Log Cabin in the Presidio. Traffic signals, the radio override system and variable message signs, operated remotely, will communicate with motorists if any emergency action is required. The tunnels include a voice evacuation system that can broadcast messages to motorists during an emergency and a video incident detection system to warn operators of various traffic problems.

The tunnels are an important part of the final design of the Presidio Parkway. Pedestrians and bicyclists will be able to cross over the roadway on top of the tunnels, resulting in new connections between the upper Presidio and the historic coastal defense batteries, Crissy Field and the waterfront. The open spaces on top of the Main Post and Battery Tunnels constitute over ten acres of new parkland for residents and visitors to enjoy, and they will provide panoramic views of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. The design is sensitive to community needs and the national park setting, and the tunnels also aid in reducing freeway noise.

Doyle Drive Closure Rescheduled for July 9 - 13
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Presidio Parkway: Transforming the Northern Waterfront
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Doyle Drive Weekend Closure PSA, July 9 - 13
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Drive-through Snippets

Drive-through: Marina to NB Hwy 101
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Drive-through: NB Hwy 101 to the Marina
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Drive-through: NB Hwy 101 to SB Hwy 1
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Drive-through: NB Hwy 1 to SB Hwy 101
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Drive-through: NB Hwy 101 to Presidio
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Drive-through: Presidio to NB Hwy 101
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Drive-through: SB Hwy 101 to the Presidio
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Drive-through: SB Hwy 101 to the Marina
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