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July 6, 2015
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Media Advisory: Drive and Experience the New Doyle Drive

There will be a tour on Tuesday, July 7, at 11:00 a.m. to allow media to drive on the completed Doyle Drive structures in advance of the roadway opening. The driving tour will include the Main Post Tunnels, Girard Road Interchange, northbound High Viaduct and the northbound Hwy 101 to southbound Hwy 1 hook ramp. Attendees will use their own vehicles for the driving tour and will follow a lead car between site locations. Please note that some minor off-roading will be required through a portion of the construction site.

Download the press release for details about the tour.

Doyle Drive Closure Rescheduled for July 9 - 13
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Presidio Parkway: Transforming the Northern Waterfront
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Doyle Drive Weekend Closure PSA, July 9 - 13
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Drive-through Snippets

Drive-through: Marina to NB Hwy 101
View [mov 67.07 MB] | Save [zip 64.84 MB]

Drive-through: NB Hwy 101 to the Marina
View [mov 66.78 MB] | Save [zip 29.35 MB]

Drive-through: NB Hwy 101 to SB Hwy 1
View [mov 67.45 MB] | Save [zip 65.54 MB]

Drive-through: NB Hwy 1 to SB Hwy 101
View [mov 67.32 MB] | Save [zip 65.42 MB]

Drive-through: NB Hwy 101 to Presidio
View [mov 64.91 MB] | Save [zip 62.74 MB]

Drive-through: Presidio to NB Hwy 101
View [mov 68.47 MB] | Save [zip 66.43 MB]

Drive-through: SB Hwy 101 to the Presidio
View [mov 80.84 MB] | Save [zip 78.25 MB]

Drive-through: SB Hwy 101 to the Marina
View [mov 80.01 MB] | Save [zip 77.52 MB]


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