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March 15, 2011
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Presidio Parkway Project Debuts Transportation Simulator

Drive the new gateway to the Golden Gate Bridge years before construction is complete

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - The Presidio Parkway team and Autodesk unveiled today the Presidio Parkway Transportation Simulator. A highly interactive experience, the Transportation Simulator allows the public the opportunity to virtually test drive the new Presidio Parkway, known today as Doyle Drive, years before construction is complete. 

The Transportation Simulator is the next evolution of the 3-D technology used by the project's architects and engineers to design and build San Francisco's new gateway to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Unveiled exclusively to media on March 15, the Transportation Simulator will be available to the public during the Autodesk Gallery's free public hours each Wednesday from 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.

See the transportation simulator fact sheet for more information. 

About The Doyle Drive Replacement Project
The replacement of Doyle Drive with the Presidio Parkway is a collaborative effort led by the California Department of Transportation and the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

Doyle Drive is the portion of Route 101 located within the Presidio of San Francisco that winds 1.5 miles along the northern edge of San Francisco and connects the San Francisco peninsula to the Golden Gate Bridge and the North Bay. Each weekday, more than 100,000 vehicles travel between Marin and San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge along Doyle Drive.

Doyle Drive is structurally and seismically deficient and must be replaced. The roadway is facing the same problem that threatens other crucial components of the nation's infrastructure - the ravages of time and continual use. Originally built in 1936, Doyle Drive has reached the end of its useful life. The new Presidio Parkway replacement is based on a world-class design that will improve the seismic, structural and traffic safety of the roadway. It also will be far more sensitive to community needs and to the national park setting, reducing impacts on biological, cultural, historical and natural resources and on the surrounding neighborhoods.

Doyle Drive Closure Rescheduled for July 9 - 13
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Presidio Parkway: Transforming the Northern Waterfront
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Doyle Drive Weekend Closure PSA, July 9 - 13
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Drive-through Snippets

Drive-through: Marina to NB Hwy 101
View [mov 67.07 MB] | Save [zip 64.84 MB]

Drive-through: NB Hwy 101 to the Marina
View [mov 66.78 MB] | Save [zip 29.35 MB]

Drive-through: NB Hwy 101 to SB Hwy 1
View [mov 67.45 MB] | Save [zip 65.54 MB]

Drive-through: NB Hwy 1 to SB Hwy 101
View [mov 67.32 MB] | Save [zip 65.42 MB]

Drive-through: NB Hwy 101 to Presidio
View [mov 64.91 MB] | Save [zip 62.74 MB]

Drive-through: Presidio to NB Hwy 101
View [mov 68.47 MB] | Save [zip 66.43 MB]

Drive-through: SB Hwy 101 to the Presidio
View [mov 80.84 MB] | Save [zip 78.25 MB]

Drive-through: SB Hwy 101 to the Marina
View [mov 80.01 MB] | Save [zip 77.52 MB]


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