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Final Environmental Impact Statement Report

The following documents are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format PDF File. If you do not currently have Adobe Acrobat software, it is available for download at no cost on the Internet.

Volume I

Summary 838 kb
Table of Contents 70 kb
List of Exhibits 89 kb
Chapter One: Purpose and Need
Chapter Two: Project Alternatives
Chapter Three: Affected Environment, Environmental Consequences, and Avoidance, Minimization and Mitigation Measures
Chapter Four: California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Evaluation
Chapter Five: Cumulative Impacts Analysis
Chapter Six: Public and Agency Involvement Process/Native American Tribal Coordination
Chapter Seven: Final Section 4(F)
Chapter Eight: Distribution List 94 kb
Chapter Nine: References 212 kb
Chapter Ten: List of Preparers 106 kb
Index 44 kb

Volume II - Appendices A-K

A - Title VI 81 kb
B - Alternative Plan Sheets 26 MB
C - Visual Impact Assessment 1.4 MB
D - Cultural Resources:  Potential Impacts within the APE 448 kb
E - Public Activities, Meetings and Summary of Public Comments 591 kb
F - List of Acronyms and Abbreviations 78 kb
G - Glossary of Terms 113 kb
H - Notices and Letters 562 kb
I - Section 106 Programmatic Agreement and Coordination Letters 1.5 MB
J - Summary of Relocation Benefits 75 kb
K - Minimization and Mitigation Summary 6.3 MB

Volume III - Appendix L

L - Comments on DEIS/R and Responses  

Technical Studies and Addenda

Final Air Quality Study November 2004 19 MB
Final Community Impact Assessment August 2005 14 MB
       - Addendum September 2006 14 MB
Final Preliminary Geotechnical Report October 2004 21 MB
Final Preliminary Site Investigation October 2004 33 MB
Final Hydrology and Water Resources Technical Report October 2004 9.3 MB
Final Natural Environmental Study July 2005 17 MB
Final Noise and Vibration Study December 2004 36 MB
      - Addendum September 2006 1.4 MB
Final Parking Impact Analysis September 2004 18 MB
      - Addendum October 2006 364 kb
Final Preliminary Tunnel Systems Report October 2004 10 MB
Final Traffic and Transit Operations Report December 2004 18 MB
      - Addendum October 2006 893 kb
Final Visual Impact Assessment September 2004 17 MB
Final Finding of Effect December 2005 65 MB
      - Addendum April 2007 14.0 MB

List of Exhibits

View List of Exhibits

Additional Documents

Historic Property Treatment Plan for the Built Environment

Citizens' Guides

Draft EIS/R Guide
Final EIS/R Guide


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